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Elit’Avia – Experience the Finest in Private Aviation

Elit’Avia is a private aviation company that provides a full range of services, including: charter, aircraft management, sales, leasing, flight operations management, staff provision, personalized travel services and continuing airworthiness management organization (CAMO) services. The company was founded in in Ljubljana, Slovenia in 2006 and earned a Transport Malta air operator’s certificate (AOC) in 2014.

Today, Elit’Avia operates a mixed fleet of 25 aircraft. The company specializes in long range business jets. These aircraft are large, luxuriously comfortable and able to transport up to 19 passengers more than 6,000 nautical miles (11,000 km) – easily crossing the Atlantic or Pacific oceans non-stop.

“Elit’Avia has one of the largest fleets of long-range business aircraft in Europe, including Bombardiers, Gulfstreams, Embraers and Dassault Falcons. These are fabulous aircraft – able to take our clients virtually anywhere in the world. Whether serving private or charter clients, we offer levels of safety, convenience, luxury and discretion that commercial airlines simply cannot match.” CEO & Accountable Manager – Michel Coulomb

Elit’avia have recently made an entrance into supporting the cargo operations business with their aircraft management and flight operations expertise. Elit’Avia and Quick Link Aviation Service are proud to introduce the B747-400BDSF joining the AOC of Elit’Avia Malta and offering a cargo capacity up to 111 tons and 720 cubic meters. With this addition Elit’avia is confidently making their entrance into the cargo operations business which is experiencing steady growth worldwide.

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