Elit’Avia Joins The Malta Employers’ Association (MEA)

Elit’Avia is a proud member of the Malta Employers’ Association (MEA), a very strong voice within the local business community that serves to protect employers. With an office in Malta, Elit’Avia is proud to join the association to offer opportunities for people to develop their skills in a coaching and mentoring environment.


The MEA seeks to promote

  • A unity of purpose among all employers in Malta in a modern pro-business climate Optimum relations between employers and their employees, as well as between individual employers
  • A good working relationship between government and employers.

Malta Employers’ Association Mission Statement

  • To stand for the members’ rights in matters regarding the employment of the Human Resource;
  • To regulate and maintain the best possible relations between employers, employees and trade unions;
  • To influence national policy-making and legislation on terms and conditions of employment, industrial relations and social policy, while safeguarding the legitimate interests of employers;
  • To contribute actively to the sustained increase of the national wealth through the continued enhancement of employer / employee relations;
  • To promote the work ethic.

The Association shall achieve this Mission by:

  • Representing and leading members in matters affecting or likely to affect their legitimate interests as employers;
  • Providing advice and assistance to members on the development of sound industrial relations;
  • Maintaining an active role as a member of, and collaborating with, other organisations (local and international) which share similar beliefs as those of the Association;
  • Fostering the improvement of social conditions inspired by the employer’s quest for sustained return on investment and the employee’s need for job satisfaction.”

All information from The Malta Employer’s Association.

To learn more, please visit https://www.maltaemployers.com/en/home

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