Elit’Avia teams up with On Air Dining and pre-empts client flying patterns

Sabina Corbic makes it her mission to go the extra nautical mile for customers.

Slovenian operator Elit’Avia has been kept busy over the peak summer period, and is collaborating with London-based On Air Dining to fulfil some of its catering requests.

“The in-flight dining experience is essential to passenger comfort and satisfaction,” says operational control centre manager Sabina Corbic. “Many private aviation clients have specific tastes. On one occasion away from London, we were near a famous Michelin-starred restaurant. So, a member of our crew took a train into the city and placed a catering order in person. Another time when we were in the Mediterranean, we helped fulfil our client’s grocery list, including several regional delicacies. Now that we are working with On Air Dining, we are able to perfectly replicate the dining room experience.”

Last minute flight requests have occurred more frequently recently. “By definition, private aviation charter clients can be very discerning,” continues Corbic. “They work hard and play hard. More often than not, flight requests are made at short notice, whether for business or pleasure. On occasion, even mid-air itinerary changes occur.

“Logistics for missions to exotic locations are also very interesting. For example, we recently flew a client to the heart of the Amazon jungle.”

She explains that, when it comes to the charter experience, it is the small details that make the biggest difference. “On one occasion, we knew that our client was a diehard football fan. So, our operations team followed this gentleman’s favourite team very closely, tracking their progress, anticipating next matches and preparing flight plans in anticipation of away games.

“We make it our business to know our clients and understand their needs and preferences. Sometimes, we even manage to figure out what they want before they do.”

Elit’Avia recently secured a San Marino AOC as reported by EBAN in June. San Marino operates on ICAO rather than EASA regulations, which will enable Elit’Avia’s aircraft to enter service in Europe more swiftly.

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