In Conversation with Elit’Avia Co-Owner and Chairman of the Board, Nick Houseman

Nick joined Elit’Avia in 2010 and previously held positions as Bombardier’s Director of Flight Operations, Sales Support & Sales Engineering. With more than 20 years of experience in business aviation, Nick brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Elit’Avia’s management team.

How has Elit’Avia’s worldwide presence helped the company?

NH: “Given our worldwide presence we have been increasing in aircraft sales and more recently in leasing as clients look for solutions to short and long terms needs but do not want to take any asset ownership risk. An international operator like Elit’Avia is well positioned to put together aircraft sales as we have a strong network of potential buyers and sellers and the international knowledge of maintenance facilities that can undertake the prebuy process. The international experience and reach that Elit’Avia has in global operations helps us to put together aircraft leases and put together an operational package for clients in every part of the world.”

Where have our most recent transactions been?

NH: “Our most recent transactions have involved long term leases Russia and Asia.”

Is there anything special you would like to say about being in business aviation, about Elit’Avia and it’s 15 year anniversary?

NH: “Business Aviation is a challenging business due to significant governmental and safety oversight, fast paced environment, working with highly qualified personnel, in international markets. Elit’Avia has been able to grow and thrive as we have worked to build solutions for clients all over the world in very challenging times. The year we just went through in 2020 was our most challenging year in our history due to covid as we worked to keep our team safe, keep our clients safe, and keep our fleet active, while developing new skills to help with cargo operations to deliver medical supplies in some of our key markets such as Africa where supply was limited at times. We are looking to the future as we foresee a bright future for business aviation.”

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