Monthly Spotlight: Alexander Cutajar

For the month of May, we are getting to know Deputy accountable Manager and CAMO Manager Malta, Alexander Cutajar.

When did you join Elit’Avia and your Role in Elit’Avia?

I joined ElitAvia in April 2019 with my primary role being to consolidate and lead a team of professionals in the CAMO department in order to keep our growing managed fleet fit for the operations in demand. A good portion of the job is also to provide a holistic and sound judgment on technical matters whilst finding solutions to keep Airworthiness at the highest levels, especially in the present operational environment. This is formally known as Post-Holder Continuing Airworthiness. I am also Deputy Accountable Manager entrusted with special projects.

Your previous experience in business aviation?

My experience spans more than 20 years in different roles, operations and locations worldwide. I predominately worked directly on aircraft within base maintenance organisations whilst also supporting line stations and aircraft recoveries worldwide. Following my studies in aircraft engineering, my roles included maintenance management (Part-145), type training instruction (Part-147) and continuing airworthiness management (Part-M/CAMO) including airworthiness surveying. A good portion of my hands-on and practical exposure was within the business/commuter category aircraft and/or operations.

What do you love about Elitavia?

Elitavia is a multicultural, dynamic company that provides a solid operational platform for the experienced aviation professionals engaged within its pool of resources, which in turn results in great service and rapports with end customers. More than anything, I enjoy the can-do attitude that is fostered amongst all colleagues which align well with my personal thought process whilst fulfilling the procedures we have established. ElitAvia has recently grown its fleet and operational bases, which makes the role more challenging but also brimming with opportunities to be of further service to our customers.

What do you do in your free time?

First and foremost, I do my best in being present and available for my family. Being an engineer at heart, I enjoy embarking on complex DIY projects to help family and friends whilst keeping certain skills alive. Weather and time permitting, I enjoy diving and exploring dive sites around Malta accompanied later with good food and a chat with friends. I treasure the simple things in life as well as the good times and hardships as even the latter can be an opportunity for growth.

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