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Elit’Avia’s CEO, explains why Malta is an ideal location for private aviation

Elit’Avia is a private aviation company that provides a full range of services, including: charter, aircraft management, sales, leasing, flight operations management, staff provision and continuing airworthiness management organization (CAMO) services. The company was founded in in Ljubljana, Slovenia in 2006 and earned a Transport Malta air operator’s certificate (AOC) in 2014.

The decision to expand to Malta was primarily in recognition of Transport Malta’s high standards of professionalism and the Maltese government’s growth-oriented support of the private aviation industry.

“Whether an owner wishes to operate their aircraft privately, or list it for charter, Malta is one of the best places to register a business jet in the European Union. There are several reasons why: Malta is European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) certified, its government has fostered a tax-friendly environment for both aircraft owners and operators, and EU financial institutions and regulatory agencies look very favourably upon aircraft registered in Malta,” explains Michel Coulomb, CEO, Elit’Avia.

Commitment to Excellence

The Elit’Avia team is guided by an enduring commitment to exceed client expectations. Offering an exceptional level of personalized service, client satisfaction is central to the company’s vision.

Having safely flown more than 50,000 fight hours since 2006, Elit’Avia meets and exceeds industry standards for safety and operational excellence. The company holds Stage 3 IS-BAO, Wyvern Wingman and ARGUS Platinum accreditations. Holding all three designations is a truly exceptional distinction that places Elit’Avia in the top 1% of private aviation operators worldwide.

Long Range Experts

Today, Elit’Avia operates a mixed fleet of 25aircraft. The company specializes in long range business jets. These aircraft are large, luxuriously comfortable and able to transport up to 19 passengers more than 6,000 nautical miles (11,000 kms) – easily crossing the Atlantic or Pacific oceans non-stop.

“Elit’Avia has one of the largest fleets of long range business aircraft in Europe, including Bombardiers, Gulfstreams and Dassault Falcons. These are fabulous aircraft – able to take our clients virtually anywhere in the world. Whether serving private or charter clients, we offer levels of safety, convenience, luxury and discretion that commercial airlines simply cannot match.”

A Pilot’s Pilot

Born in Marseille, France, Michel Coulomb graduated from the Ecole IFR (which was affiliated with Swiss Air) in Geneva, Switzerland, earning a commercial airline license. Later, Michel became Chief Pilot for a leading business aviation charter provider. Throughout his career, Michel has earned more 12,000 flight hours, has served as a flight instructor and examiner, and has considerable experience flying: Bombardier Globals, Gulfstreams, Bombardier Challengers, Bombardier Learjets, among other aircraft types. His career has taken him all over the world, including postings in Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Vietnam and Saint Barthelemy.

“My passion for aviation dates back to my teenage years at Le Castellet in France. Being a pilot and then an aviation executive has given me a comprehensive understanding of the industry and the opportunity to live all over the world. As CEO of Elit’Avia, I draw on my experience constantly. It is what gives us the ability to better understand our ever-changing environment and to anticipate the needs and preferences of our valued clients.”

Lessons from the Pandemic

2020 has been a year without precedent. Elit’Avia has been fortunate to maintain consistent operations throughout the coronavirus pandemic. The company’s resilience is attributed in large part to the commitment and professionalism of its team, and the comprehensive safety system supported by partners worldwide. Additionally, challenging times illustrate the importance of cooperation with individuals and organizations that share a commitment to uncompromised safety. Transport Malta has played a leading role in supporting its private aviation industry throughout this period. This is another reason why Elit’Avia chooses to do business in Malta.

“The corona virus pandemic has been difficult for everyone. The commercial aviation sector has been particularly hard-hit. However, private aviation has been uniquely suited to provide a degree of relief and an alternative approach to air travel. By adhering to rigorous standards of crew and passenger testing, cabin decontamination and additional safety measures, we are committed to protecting our clients, crews and the wider community. Furthermore, the ability to hand-pick travel companions and the dramatically lower number of touch points offers peace of mind for our clients.”

The Future

Continuing to build on its expertise in aircraft management, charter and related services, Elit’Avia will expand its global reach with a greater presence in North America. For example, to better serve the world’s largest private aviation market, Elit’Avia recently launched its FAA Part 91 “Private Ops” service tailor-made for owners of US-registered aircraft operating domestically and worldwide. As the company grows, the importance of its relationship with Transport Malta becomes increasingly apparent. By offering an ideal location for private aviation, Malta is an essential element in Elit’Avia’s world wide operations.

On a Personal Note…

Elit’Avia’s CEO started thinking about relocating to Malta to further focus on the company’s important relationship with Transport Malta. Olga Coulomb, Michel’s wife, also works for Elit’Avia as Director of Marketing and Strategic Accounts. The Coulombs moved to St. Julian’s, Malta in 2019.

“We knew that Malta was a great place to do business but very quickly came to appreciate that it is also a wonderful place to live. The climate is spectacular, the people are very hospitable and the history is rich. I am very pleased that Elit’Avia is part of Malta’s private aviation community, and equally pleased that Olga and I now call Malta home,” concludes Michel Coulomb.

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