The evolution of access and ownership models in business aviation.

The business aviation ecosystem features a wide range of solutions that allow corporations and individuals to access services with maximum efficiency.

The spectrum ranges from on-demand charter services all the way to exclusive aircraft ownership – with all manner of permutations between the two points. Recently, an arrangement known as ‘aircraft, crew, maintenance and insurance’ (ACMI) has become increasingly popular.

According to Puja Mahajan, CEO, Elit’Avia:

“We are seeing a significant shift in business aviation access and ownership models. Overall, the total number of transactions is declining while ACMI arrangements are becoming more prevalent. This is particularly significant because many clients choosing ACMI have the resources to pursue full ownership. We attribute this change in behavior to several factors, including treating business aviation as a typical operating expense and avoiding the capital expenditure of ownership. Other clients favor the additional layer of discretion that goes with leasing, versus owning.”

“At Elit’Avia, we are uniquely positioned to manage these changes because we have more than a decade of experience with all aspects of business aviation, including crew support, ACMI and managing privately-owned aircraft. No matter a client’s preferred legal framework, we are committed to delivering an exceptional business aviation experience,” continues Ms. Mahajan.

“For clients specifically seeking an ACMI arrangement, Elit’Avia leverages its network to find the most suitable aircraft for the mission – whether it is within our fleet or from the open market. Our true differentiator is our ability to select the optimal aircraft and complement it with comprehensive tailor-made services. For example, selecting the right crew for a particular client. Our team is guided by an enduring commitment to exceed client expectations,” concludes Ms. Mahajan.

Experience, knowledge and flexibility guide Elit’Avia’s ability to address industry changes.

To find out more about the benefits of an ACMI approach, please contact Puja@elitavia.com

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